Social complex for homeless people, Bucharest

Situated in the Pantelimon neighborhood of Bucharest, the homeless center offers an improvement in living conditions and social services from the existing night shelter. The new program aims to reduce housing insecurity and increase the areas of assistance provided for vulnerable people by introducing services such as: legal and vocational counseling, health care, social spaces, dining, family and community reintegration. The center has three components: the night shelter, the residential center for social assistance and reintegration and the social laundry.  Using containers for its construction allows its expansion or relocation depending on the evolution of administrative needs.

The search for domesticity of living within this organizational and constructive system was done by developing particular relationships with outdoor spaces in order to create places with different degrees of privacy. A metal structure crosses the plot diagonally, functioning as a shade/pergola for existing containers while ensuring lighting and perimeter security.

The constructions are set back from the property limit, contributing to the construction of an enlarged sidewalk used as a public space, accessible both to the tenants of the center and to the neighbors.

Phase: D.A.L.I.

Client: Public – D.G.A.S.P.C. Sector 2

Location: Bucharest, Romania


October 2020