Atelier Ad Hoc is a Bucharest based architecture practice that explores the familiarity and intimacy of living through design. The studio seeks to understand the complexity of the built environment, finding creative, valuable and specific solutions for each situation. The projects are carried out by two entities: the design studio and the non-governmental association.

Atelier Ad Hoc Architecture deals with to the problems of the contemporary city, the team’s projects being the product of critical and experimental thinking that offers particular housing experiences, a careful planning of the available resources in order to optimize the construction costs and compliance with the design terms.

Atelier Ad Hoc Community is an applied research laboratory to support vulnerable or marginalized communities, which seeks to develop intervention scenarios and ways of engaging with poverty scenarios that remain outside or complementary to local public administration concerns. The projects developed by the members of the association are looking for alternative ways to react to the social and spatial realities existing in the city in order to improve the living conditions encountered, adding new proximity links to the existing survival practices and facilitating exchanges and mutual help.


Whether we are talking about individuals, families, companies or institutions, we believe that architecture is an archetypal way of expressing the transformation of collective identities, representative both at the level of daily activities and long term, through its impact on the environment and through its potential for resilience and adaptability. Currently we are involved in projects of various types in the public, private and social sectors and the cumulative experience of our team in all the design phases includes residential projects, conversions and restorations, public spaces, exhibitions, installations, interior design, commercial projects, offices, hospitals, guest houses and wineries.


Our team understands that the legal process of authorization and the technical situations encountered on the site can be hard to manage. As a result we are in permanent dialogue with our clients to help them understand the potential of their assets and available resources. At the same time, we strive to exceed initial expectations and show a personal commitment to finding the right solutions that lead to the successful completion of each project.


Our architectural practice questions the context of encountered living scenarios and our thoughts, ideas and solutions have gained national and international recognition over time.