sharedGROUND Bookfest 2019

shared_GROUND is the choice to build the stand around a generous area of unoccupied space. By making it the central focus of the intervention, space becomes a resource and a moment of opportunity.

Defining free space is a cultural, social and political act that establishes space and architecture as a collective discourse. It is a moment of responsibility, generosity and humanity that identifies our shared values: inclusion, accessibility, belonging, social equity, debate.

The performative surface offers space for both event activities – debates, presentations, children workshops and everyday use – hanging-out, reading, playing. It allows for a repertoire of practices where space is negotiated through particular and temporary needs. Spatial production becomes an ongoing act. The dark surface of the stand becomes an object of collective creativity as a background for chalk drawing and writing. The possibility of direct interaction is one means of engagement and individual expression, empowering people with freedom of choice and autonomy. The play area is another space for interaction where the position of individual sitting units can define various scenarios of use and spatial configuration. Allowing and planning for variation creates space for tracing collective imagination and reflects patterns of social life.

Phase: Competition

Client: British Council

Location: Bucharest, Romania


March 2019