Community Household, Făgăraș

The project starts with a house and a barn on a long plot, where the owner together with a series of NGOs developed a plan to revitalize and open the household. This open scenario of use started in an informal manner through the hospitality of the owner, but needed a project that would express the new ambitions and necessities of the house, while upgrading living conditions and reclaiming spaces for collective use.

The barn becomes the main collective space that can be used for coworking, events and gatherings. For introducing the space to neighbours and other local groups a modular wooden stage was produced during a building workshop that supported the first series of activities in the summer of 2017.

The spaces of the house are transformed for communal living scenarios, adapting the existing structure for new instances of use and distinct spatial experiences.

Phase: Solution study: Collective household

Client: MKBT Association / Maria and Mihai Frațilă Foundation

Location: Făgăraș, Brașov county, Romania


October 2018