A house with four courtyards, Târgoviște

A house with brick cellars from the beginning of the 20th century appears “crooked” towards the street, as a reminder of the old historic route. Composed of several parts added in different periods, the house retreats from the street to the inside of the plot, revealing a courtyard with wild vegetation overlooking the Botanical Garden at the end of the plot.

The project follows the layout of the existing house and amplifies its gradation in the new configuration of the house through a series of four courtyards (the dental office courtyard, the house entrance courtyard, the playground and the courtyard with wild vegetation). The decorative elements of the façade are preserved, older or newer, more valuable and more trivial added over time and superimposed next to a new layer that reminds, through space and materials, of a local building sense that deserves to be acknowledged, interpreted and valued.

The building has a signal element: the shutter that glides and discreetly announces the dental office on the ground floor. Having the workshop space of traditional guilds as a historical reference, the shutter follows the same functional and aesthetic logic. The two instances (closed and open) show the function of the dental clinic while also being used as a descriptive panel.

Phase: In construction

Client: Private

Location: Târgoviște, Romania


February 2020