Suspended house, Dumbrava Vlăsiei

Our intention was to occupy as little land as possible on the ground floor and develop an elevated house to make room for a lavish garden with tall trees spreading to the neighbors. The perimeter metal structure supports the house without occupying the yard but outlines multiple sheltered places – covered terraces, an inner courtyard, paved areas. Here you can spend time alone or with friends – on the swing, hammock or canopy – you can work isolated from others or have family dining together. The kitchen becomes a garden room, used both for cooking and as a welcoming place for garden parties.

The inner courtyard, hidden at the beginning, is discovered after you walk through the house and take the staircase. Upstairs the space opens outwards and you can have a new perception of the garden from the height of the tree crowns. The floor space is sinuous and develops around the inner courtyard, describing a series of common places – a living room, a play area, a fireplace, a dining space – that are oriented both towards each other and towards the outside.

Phase: Competition

Client: Private

Location: Ilfov, Romania


April 2018