Survival prototype – Shelter-blanket

As our first practical response to the ongoing inquiry into habits of homelessness, the decision to make the blanket was triggered by the simple request of a person living in the street. The equipment engages with the urgent need for a warm sleeping shelter and the constant spatial mobility of homelessness. Its materiality and choice of fabric are determined by closeness to the body and vulnerability to exterior conditions. As the possession of personal belongings is constantly challenged by this way of life, the blanket also offers a possibility for carrying and storage.

Two blankets were given to street sleepers in Bucharest. The first one was stolen after the first night and the second one was used daily and stored in an out-of-use public fountain throughout winter and spring.

We are interested in finding alternative ways to understand, recuperate and improve the already formed living network of street people. Raising up the issue of informality for such help interventions, the shelter blanket is the first prototype in a series of survival equipment that has an operative purpose for the ongoing research on street practices and living conditions.

Phase: Project implemented

Financing: Internal funds, Asined Automotive

Location: Bucharest, Romania

* “Visions and Research Award” at the Bucharest Architecture Annual


February 2015