co-LIZA is a work made within the framework of the exhibition “We Are Here To Stay”, a pilot project initiated to create a first contact with an underrepresented minority in Bucharest – migrants/immigrants/refugees from the countries of the Middle East – through processes of artistic creation facilitated by six multidisciplinary artists between August and November 2022.

Atelier Ad Hoc addressed the lack of existing infrastructure and resources available for these groups, as well as the difficulty of communication ( based on language ) between participants and facilitators during the project. The approach aimed to create a support-structure, as a mobile and adaptable equipment, that can sustain collective activities.

The role of the project is to create a resource that is used in co-management for the community, which can be immediately available according to need and through the long-term involvement of the people/ agents who are part of the initiative, the goal being that of a commitment that will continue after the completion of the “We are here to stay” project.

The object communicates through color and through a series of indicative icons, the possible configurations that define the physical framework of different activities (indoor/outdoor) such as workshops, community meals, parties, play or walks, including the storage of the objects necessary for them. The color is a reference to the international refugee flag and the explanatory drawings are designed to be simple to understand, without the use of words.

The push-cart, a standard element used for the transport of goods, is integrated as a structure within the piece of furniture, which supports its movement both inside and outside. All three positions of the object (vertical, horizontal, oblique) are used in the project to generate different instances of use at multiple levels, depending on the people using the object (children, women, coordinators, etc.) and the needs of the moment.

The work is made of plywood and has a series of perforations that make it possible to add metal accessories (hooks, hangers, different holders for pencils, cutlery, paper rolls, etc.). Six folded stools are stored inside the box.

Year: 2022

Project: “We Are Here To Stay“

Detail design and production: Andrei Savonea

Project coordinators: Adelina Luft (curatoare independentă) și MNȚRplusC (Ilina Schileru)

Community Coordinator: Rashiqa Omar

Funding: Proiect co-finanțat de Administrația Fondului Cultural Național.

Partners: Muzeul Țăranului Român, Asociația Activ Random și Viața în Mov.

Location: București, România


November 2022