Survival prototype – emergency shelter

In Bucharest, there is a limited number of homeless people that are offered shelter. Dew to the poor quality of life and social services available in shelters, some of the homeless remain on the street by choice even during cold weather.

In an attempt to find alternative solutions for such cases the team of architects assembled an emergency shelter in the courtyard of Carusel, a local NGO focused on improving the lives of people coming from marginalized groups.

The structure is easily replicable and can be assembled with simple techniques in up to an hour by people without construction experience. A shelter unit can be made from readymade materials that can be bought at local construction stores or reclaimed and reused: euro-pallets, wood slats, and waterproof raffia bags.

The possibility of being quickly assembled makes this type of emergency shelter useful in cases of eviction, for people affected by natural disasters or for refugees.

Phase: Project implemented

Financing: Individual donations, Livingjumbo Industry big bags producer

Organizator: Carusel Association

Location: Bucharest, Romania


August 2017