Extension of the Radioterapy wing of the Dr. Carol Davila Central Military Emergency University Hospital

The need to increase the number of patient care in order to access radiotherapy in the context in which you have to support the hospital pavilion with a spatial deployment for the respective care of the principles of the 19th-century specific treatment assemblies is addressed for the construction of an external company and an existing system. with a good for a linear accelerator and a tomograph, but with a series of care spaces to ensure the comfort, accessibility and necessary hygiene and medical staff.

The new construction preserves the share of travel of some existing buildings, inferior to a plot of land, proposing the realization of this quota on an access scale. This space is representative of reception and it is more important to become or to extend access and to receive interiors and to ensure accessibility related to the investigation and treatment unit. Ramps, slow stairs, a statue, a tree, objects that you can sit on or support make up a care setting allows for various scenarios of space usage.

The reception area is accessible from two sides and has a waiting area for the entire section, a wooden bench with alternative resting scenarios placed under a central illuminator.

Phase: Preliminary design

Client: public – Dr. Carol Davila Central Military Emergency University Hospital

Location: Bucharest, Romania


April 2020