Vasile Pârvan station, Bucharest

Atelier Ad Hoc places 'the collector' in a local neighborhood, a structure that gathers metallic cans, plastic bottles, paper, used oil, as well as clothing and shoes that are no longer in use in local households. The accumulated things are directly taken by those in need or handed out to trash centers by a local network of informal distributors. If you have things at home that you no longer use, but can be recycled or reclaimed drop by 'the collector' on Plevnei Street.

the collector is in the street


Formal/informal exhibition design
November 2015 - september 2016
National library / University square, Bucharest

Atelier Ad Hoc will design the exhibiton 'The most beautiful book from Romania' with a series of cardboard modules that will be used as furniture for the exhibition books and also for the informal street antiquarians in the 'University Square'

the most beautiful books from Romania


Presentation / diary-drawing
20 September - 25 September
Chrissoveloni Palace in Ghidigeni, Galați

Atelier Ad Hoc will contribute to the 'meeting at the palace' workshop with a presentation about documentation and a intuitive drawing carried out during the 5 days period that collects both fantastic and realistic local stories about the Chrissoveloni Palace, as an imaginative diary that will record past/ future events.

meeting at the palace


Temporary interventions / 'Order of romanian architects'
June - December
Bucharest: Sf. Constantin neighbourhood

Atelier Ad Hoc will realise a series of informal interventions that upgrades an existing circuit of collectors throught which creates a local distribution of available resources for the street people and two survival equipments that will improve the already formed living network for 3 homeless persons.

In the neighbourhood


Exhibition: 'mapping bucharest: art, memory and revolution 1916-2016'
11 June - 4 October
Mak, Vienna

Atelier Ad Hoc wins a special prize in 'create your bucharest' competiton with the project 'homeless practices', exhibited in 'Vienna art biennale 2015'.

vienna art biennale


Article: 'living on the streets. case study'
May - june
Arhitext magazine

Atelier Ad Hoc writes un article about networks of extended living spaces, local distribution of resources, survival rules, inventory and daily routine for a homeless person living in the subway system.

arhitext magazine