Paroșeni Community Center

House with pergolas


Zona& Archive

St. Nicholas Candleroom and Bell-tower, Bărbulești

Monastery abbess, Bolintin-Vale

House in the Danube Meadow

Tourist infrastructure “Gavril Drugănescu” Mansion, Giurgiu

Inventory of the Week

St. Gheorghe Church, Fierbinți-Târg

Social complex for homeless people, Bucharest

Extension of the Radioterapy wing of the Dr. Carol Davila Central Military Emergency University Hospital

Cabinet house, Bacău

A house with four courtyards, Târgoviște

A garden with two houses, Galați

// Molecular Minds Monstrous Matters // exhibition

St. Gheorghe Church, Armășești

Community Household, Făgăraș

Snail house, Bucharest

Closed Doors. Open Envelopes Exhibition – Iosif Kiraly, National Museum of Contemporary Art

Marshalling Yard exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art

Suburban House, KÖLN

Masonry house, Bucharest

Flare House, Bucharest

sharedGROUND Bookfest 2019

Formal – Informal exhibition design, Bucharest

Gallery house, Brăila

Suspended house, Dumbrava Vlăsiei