Tourist infrastructure “Gavril Drugănescu” Mansion, Giurgiu

St. Gheorghe Church, Fierbinți-Târg

Social complex for homeless people, Bucharest

House in the Danube Meadow

Extension of the Radioterapy wing of the Dr. Carol Davila Central Military Emergency University Hospital

A house with four courtyards, Târgoviște

A garden with two houses, Galați

Cabinet house, Bacău

// Molecular Minds Monstrous Matters // exhibition

Community Household, Făgăraș

St. Gheorghe Church, Armășești

Snail house, Bucharest

Closed Doors. Open Envelopes Exhibition – Iosif Kiraly, National Museum of Contemporary Art

The monument and the copy, Românești Church

Marshalling Yard exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art

Suburban House, KÖLN

Masonry house, Bucharest

Flare House, Bucharest

sharedGROUND Bookfest 2019

Formal – Informal exhibition design, Bucharest

Gallery house, Brăila

Suspended house, Dumbrava Vlăsiei

Itinerant exhibition furniture