ATELIER AD HOC is a Bucharest based architecture practice established in 2015 by George Marinescu and Maria Daria Oancea that acts to rediscover the familiarity and social purpose of architecture, needed in order to find, support and improve the living conditions and everyday routine of encountered situations.
ATELIER AD HOC operates both as studio and NGO as a way to redistribute available resources towards finding and building an architecture for current social situations which are outside the present administration concerns.
ATELIER AD HOC is developing inquiry and practice scenarios, leading to operative and research actions that blur and refine the boundary between formal and informal, reality and imagination, built and unbuilt architecture.
ATELIER AD HOC cultivate intuitive long term studies or swift actions, articulating present realities as a need to find alternative ways to react to the social and spatial instances of encountered circumstances, that allow a particular interpretation and reaction.
ATELIER AD HOC does not have a hierarchical view of the projects: the shelter, the furniture, the room, the house, the street, the city are all equally important living instances, regardless of the size, use or purpose.

Adress : str. Vigilentei, nr.6, etaj 1, apt. 2, Sector 5, Bucuresti
t +40726787402

Awards, grants, exhibitions and publications

2019 "substandardPLUS" - Public Space Architecture Award @ Bucharest Architecture Annual
2018 "substandardPLUS" - Cultural activation in (relation to) the public space that valorizes collective memory and redefines the identity of the place Nominee @ AFCN
2018 "Marshalling Yard" - Big SEE Interior Award 2018 - Exhibition @ Zavod Big, Centre for creative economy
of Southeast Europe
2017 "Marshalling Yard" - Architecture Beneficiary Award for MNAC @ Bucharest Architecture Annual
2017 "Marshalling Yard" - Ephemeral Architecture Award for Interior Design @ Bucharest Architecture Annual
2017 "Operative Studio" - Article @ 2,14 types of architecture schools
2017 "Occupying the limit" - Grant @ Chamber of Romanian Architects
2016 "Individual Exile Unit - Refugee equipment" - Mention @ Eme3 International Architecture Festival in Barcelona
2016 "Bucharest Dossier - Instances of living on the street" - Research and Vision Award @ Bucharest Architecture Annual
2015 "Mapping Bucharest: art, memory and revolution 1916-2016" - project exhibited @ MAK Vienna
2015 "Homeless practices" - Special Award @ Create your Bucharest


George Marinescu
(Bucharest, 1989) has studied at the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest and IUAV University of Venice. He worked with studioBASAR, ADNBA, Abruptarhitectura in Bucharest and with IUAV Research Laboratory in Venice.
t +40726787402

Daria Maria Oancea
(Ploiesti, 1987) has studied at the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest and IUAV University of Venice. She worked with studioBASAR and LTFB studio in Bucharest and with ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] in Rotterdam.
t +40751295920